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Youcan product after-sales service regulations

Dear user:
    Thank you very much for choosing Uken Network products. In order to protect normal use and legitimate rights and interests, the following service commitments and terms are formulated. We will use our perseverance, sincerity and professionalism to avoid your worries.
One. Standard Warranty Period of Youken Network Products

Product type
Warranty period
Preparation  Note
10 Gigabit Switch
Free maintenance within 3 years
Gigabit switch
Free maintenance within 3 years
Optical network card
Free maintenance within 3 years
Fiber Optic Module
Free maintenance within 3 years
SFP+ Cable cable
Free maintenance within 3 years
System software
Free upgrade

two. Replacement and warranty regulations
   ■ The scope of the replacement warranty is limited to the product host. The packaging and external power supply, wires, various cables, software products, technical data and other accessories are not covered by the replacement warranty, but if the accessories are purchased for the first time If there is a problem in use, it can be replaced free of charge.
   ■ When the product meets the replacement warranty regulations, our company will provide the replacement warranty service free of charge.
   ■ For products that are not covered by the warranty, our company will provide paid maintenance services.
   ■ The purchase invoice and warranty card must be provided when the product is replaced or repaired. When the certificate you provide is insufficient, the start date of the product replacement warranty will be calculated according to the date of manufacture
   ■ For repaired or replaced products, a three-month warranty policy is implemented from the date of return. If the original remaining warranty period is longer than three months, the original warranty period shall prevail.
three. The free replacement warranty service is not available under the following conditions
   ■ The operating environment does not meet the relevant national standards, such as lightning strikes, high temperature, high humidity, vibration, overvoltage, overcurrent, etc.
   ■ Failure to install or use in accordance with the instructions during the warranty period will cause damage to the product.
   ■ No “Youcan” logo, no barcode, serial number, etc.
   ■ The product has exceeded the replacement and warranty period.
   ■ The product barcode or serial number has been altered or deleted.
   ■ The damage caused by the transportation, loading and unloading during the return of the customer for repair.
   ■ The product has been repaired or disassembled by non-authorized personnel of our company.
   ■ The product malfunctions due to the customer's modification of its inherent setting file or virus damage.
   ■ The product is damaged by accident or man-made, such as improper input voltage, high temperature, water ingress, mechanical damage, breakage, severe oxidation, etc.
   ■ Failure or damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, and lightning strikes).
four. Replacement warranty service process
   ■ Youken network products implement nationwide warranty and provide nearby services.
   ■ When the product purchased by the user fails, the purchase invoice and warranty card should be presented to the place of purchase (youcan agent or dealer) to apply for replacement warranty service. If there is no local agent, you can directly call the after-sales service center of Youken Network Products to apply for warranty service.
   ■ The agent judges and confirms whether it complies with the replacement warranty regulations according to the "Youcan Network Product Service Regulations", if it meets, then fill in the "Youcan Product After-sales Service Application Form" and send it to the Youken Network Product After-sales Service Center Request replacement or warranty. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be explained to the customer that our company can provide paid maintenance services and specific maintenance costs.
   ■ For products that meet the replacement requirements, agents and distributors can directly replace products of the same model to the user. If the agent does not have the same model product inventory, it should apply to the manufacturer in time.
Fives. Special statement
   ■ This commitment is only applicable to Youken Network products sold and purchased within the territory of the People's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan).
   ■ Our company does not bear any responsibility for other commitments made by the distributor to the customer that the non-speed technology company guarantees.
   ■ If you encounter a Uken agent who ignores your after-sales service application or is dissatisfied with the service, you have the right to complain directly to the Uken network product after-sales service center.
   ■ The final interpretation right of this undertaking belongs to Shenzhen Shisu Technology Co., Ltd.
six. Contact
      Technical Service Hotline: 0755-26677912         
Shenzhen Shisu Technology Co., Ltd.
Youken after-sales center

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