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     Embedded hardware engineer

description of job:
1. Participate in the requirement analysis and scheme design of the embedded system project in the early stage;
2. Participate in the project design and development of embedded system hardware;
3. Design the hardware schematic diagram of the embedded system and draw the PCB;
4. Responsible for the coding, testing and maintenance of embedded software related modules.

job requirements:
1. Computer, communication, automation, electromechanical and other related majors;
2. Proficiency in at least one embedded programming language, assembly, C, C++, HDL, etc.;
3. Familiar with embedded development software, Keil uVision, Altium Designer, etc., multi-layer circuit board design and development experience is preferred;
4. Familiar with MSP430, Freecale, STM32 and other microcontroller platforms, low-power projects are preferred;
5. Proficiency in embedded system testing tools and procedures, and proficient use of oscilloscopes and multimeters;
6. Strong learning ability, quick thinking, team spirit, good communication, good professional quality, project experience in the industrial control field is preferred;
7. Outstanding recent graduates are welcome to submit their files. Participate in the National University Student Electronic Design Competition, Freescale Smart Car Competition, Provincial and Municipal MCU or Electronic Design Competitions, and excellent electronic graduation designs are preferred.

Please send your resume to job@speednt.com

     MCU software application engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1. Cooperate with hardware engineers to develop chip-based product application solutions and product demos;
2. Responsible for software programming, debugging, product function realization and verification;
3. According to the project plan, submit high-quality code on time, complete the reference design and deliver it to the customer;
4. Ability to develop and test your own code or the code of others;
5. Analyze and solve the application problems of the chip;
6. Output technical documents such as reference designs, application guides, evaluation reports, intellectual property rights, etc.;
7. Provide technical support for sales and FAE.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, EE, etc.;
2. Proficient in C language, familiar with Keil C51 development environment, familiar with 8051 or Cortex-M hardware architecture;
3. Familiar with basic hardware principles and circuits, and be proficient in circuit design and debugging;
4. Have good language expression and communication skills, willing to share, and love technology research and development.
Employee benefits and benefits:
1. Basic salary + commission + quarterly bonus + extra bonus + year-end performance bonus;
2. Purchase social insurance after the trial period; group travel, etc.
3. Five days and eight hours, weekends and weekends
4. After working for one year, enjoy double pay at the end of the year and paid annual leave;
5. The company pays attention to the growth and development of employees and the company, providing employees with free and broad development space, generous treatment, and humanized management.

Please send your resume to job@speednt.com

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