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Founded in 2004, Shenzhen speed Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of network equipment. The company is committed to providing customers with professional and reliable network equipment.

speed Technology adheres to the business system of independent research and development, independent innovation, independent manufacturing and independent marketing, and has an elite team with advanced technology, advanced concepts, excellence, unity and cooperation. Over the years, dozens of patents have been obtained. Taking the future needs of users as the research and development goal, we provide customers with the latest network products and the most satisfactory services. At the same time, it integrates global high-quality resources and forms strategic partners with well-known chip developers at home and abroad to maintain the level of research and development of its own products in a leading position in the industry.

speed Technology adheres to the tenet of "enterprise also has character and quality is attitude", and has established a complete quality control system.
"Fast and efficient, innovative and pragmatic, green and environmentally friendly, and win-win cooperation" is the core of speed Technology's corporate culture. With the mission of "manufacturing the most reliable network equipment", and the "1+1 greater than 3" win-win model, we provide customers with more valuable ways of cooperation.

speed Technology has provided OEM/ODM services for major brands for many years, and its products are spread all over the world. In 2008, it registered its own Chinese brand "Youken" based on "You can …". Registered its own English brand "SPEEDNT" in 2015. At present, SPEEDNT products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, and have established a wide and stable customer distribution network. They are now widely used in telecommunications, radio and television, community access, monitoring and other industries. In the construction of various types of local area networks such as enterprises, hospitals, schools, and Internet cafes, "Youken" products have won the welcome and trust of consumers with their good "price ratio", and have been recognized by many customers.

In 2004, the first full gigabit switch with electrical ports and gigabit to desktop solutions were launched, which once again promoted the development of gigabit LANs.
In 2005, the first full Gigabit switch with 24 electrical ports and 2 optical ports was launched to lay a solid foundation for the development of the "optical backbone".
In 2008, the world's first Layer 2 Gigabit all-optical switch. Become a pioneer in popularizing Gigabit optical fiber networks, and successfully launched a LAN optical fiber backbone solution with high cost performance and more stable product performance. Make great strides for the arrival of the gigabit fiber era!

In 2010, completed the "supermarket effect" plan of investing heavily in 2009 to comprehensively improve the gigabit product line! With absolute superiority in the number of gigabit products, it has become the industry's most comprehensive brand with the largest gigabit product line.
In 2012, the first full 10-Gigabit optical fiber backbone switch was launched, leading the opening of the era of "Fiber-Optical Backbone All 10 Gigabit" in LAN! Lay a solid foundation for the development of the "all 10 Gigabit optical fiber" era.
In 2013, the “supermarket effect” plan of investing heavily in the comprehensive improvement of the 10-Gigabit product line in 2011 was completed! With absolute superiority in the possession of 10 Gigabit products, it has become the industry's most comprehensive and comprehensive brand with 10 Gigabit product lines.

In 2014, 40G QSFP+ all 10 Gigabit fiber backbone switches were launched, leading the local area network to the "40G era"!
In 2016, the backbone switch with multiple 40G ports was launched, and the switch layer three software was also launched.

Thanks to customers for 20 years of walking along the way, consistent quality and trustworthy