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Switch installation guide

UKG1610GC installation guidance

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Products configuration table
Before installing switch, please check if the product package has the following parts:
   A switch
   Bracket accessories (19&rsquo rack)
   Product operation manuals
   AC power cord
Setting up switch
   Install the switch and mounting accessories
   Powered on
   Connect with the switch and the PC terminal
   Factory default settings are as follows:
      Set IP address:
      Subnet mask :
      Default gateway:
      Initial users:admin
      Initial password:none
    In the terminal PC to connect switches setting, ensuring the PC's IP address belongs to 192.168.1 network segment, and set IP address as the any IP among not include, so it can properly access the settings page of this switch.
Recovery factory set:
    While the switch is powered up, press the reset switch on upper left corner of the front panel of the switch, lasts for 6 seconds, you can restore the factory settings.
Preparatory work:
    The switch needs to installed in a well-ventilated environment. Be sure to have a good ventilation, and set aside around 100 mm (4 inches) of space.
The switch installed in 19 inches standard rack
     Each switch provides a set of ears, which is used to install the router in a 19-inch rack.  Each set of ear piece includes two ear pieces and six screws.
     Step 1: Fixes the ear piece on switch by screw.
     Step 2: Place switch into 19 inches of the rack, and confirm that there is adequate ventilation distances.
     Step 3: Ear pieces are locked on the rack by screw.
The switch installed on the wall:
     Step 1:Fixes the ear piece on switch by screw.
     Step 2: Using 5/8 inch 12 wood screws (not to provide) fixes the ear piece on the wall.
The switch installed in your desktop:
 There are four rubber pad on the switch package. These rubber pads can help prevent the router from desktop slide.
    Step 1: Open the sticker on the back of rubber pad .  
    Step 2: The rubber pad paste firmly at the bottom of the switch.
    Step 3: The switch is placed in a flat position
The switch connected to AC power
    In the package of the switch, there is a power cord in comply with international common power socket specifications. If you find the specifications of the power cord is incorrect, please contact your local dealer to replace.
     Step 1: The female-head end of the power cord is inserted into main power socket located in the switch panel. Then the other end is connected to an AC power.
     Step 2: Once switches access the ac power, switches will start work at once.

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