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Speed Technology adheres to independent R&D, innovation, manufacturing and marketing management system, over the years has obtained nearly 100 patents. Speed Technology regards the future requirement of users as its R&D objectives, providing the users with the latest network equipment and the most satisfactory services.

High-speed gigabit electrical ports network solutions(150 units or less)

The characteristic of this solutions: Economic, rapid, efficient, stable and can be expanded.

Part Model
The core Switch
48G backplane bandwidth, a second, fourth layer gigabit managed switch with 24 10/100M/1000M RJ45 electrical ports . RJ45 electrical ports of 6000V lightning-enhanced design can effectively extend the life of the product, and support four-element binding IP+MAC+RORT+VLAN, having the higher security. The unique BCM chip kernel own defense AUTO - DOS function. The hardware supports wire-speed switching of the second layer. Users can set the various functions of the switch through the Ethernet port by WEB and telnet. Built-in ARP and DOS defense system can effectively defense the ARP, DOS, and a variety of virus attack. It also equipped with many powerful features: overall ACL, spanning tree, a storm suppression, Bandwidth Control, IGMP Snooping, Port security etc
The access layer Switch
With the function of aggregation, 48G backplane bandwidth, 24 10/100/1000M RJ45 electrical ports. RJ45 electrical ports of 6000V lightning-enhanced design can effectively extend the life of the product,the unique BCM chip kernel own defense AUTO - DOS function. All ports support auto-negociation function(speed / duplex mode), and support AUTO-MDIX function, automatic identify the straight-through wiring and crossover wiring, can achieve wire-speed non-blocking switching,simultaneously support flow control.

     Below router connecting the core switch UK2400GM-S
The core switchUK2400GM-S is a second, fourth layer gigabit managed switch with48G high backplane bandwidth, and have 24 10/100M/1000M RJ45 electrical ports . RJ45 electrical ports of 6000V lightning-enhanced design can effectively extend the life of the product, the unique BCM chip kernel own defense AUTO - DOS function, and support four-element binding IP+MAC+RORT+VLAN, having the higher security. The hardware supports wire-speed switching of the second layer. Users can set the various functions of the switch through the Ethernet port by WEBforms and telnet. Built-in ARP and DOS defense system can effectively defense the ARP, DOS, and a variety of virus attack. It also equipped with many powerful features: overall ACL, spanning tree, a storm suppression, Bandwidth Control, IGMP Snooping, Port security etc..very suitable for the aggregation application of large-scale network and the core application of medium and small-sized network.
     Below the core switch connecting the access layer switch UK2400GT-S
The access layer switch UK2400GT-S uses 48G backplane bandwidth with the function of aggregation, and the switch 23,24port can achieve the port trunking. It has 24 10/100/1000M RJ45 electrical ports, RJ45electrical ports of 6000V lightning-enhanced design can effectively extend the life of the product. The unique BCM chip kernel own defense AUTO - DOS function. All ports support auto-negociation function(speed / duplex mode), and support AUTO-MDIX function, automatic identify the straight-through wiring and crossover wiring, can achieve wire-speed non-blocking switching,simultaneously support flow control.....very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, campus network, Internet cafes and metropolitan area network edge use.
     The characteristic of this solutions:
Economic, rapid, efficient, stable and can be expanded.

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