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Speed Technology adheres to independent R&D, innovation, manufacturing and marketing management system, over the years has obtained nearly 100 patents. Speed Technology regards the future requirement of users as its R&D objectives, providing the users with the latest network equipment and the most satisfactory services.

Education field solution


Education field Industry Overview

As presented in full swing of the development trend of Chinas educational information construction, Speed Technology as a domestic leading supplier of network equipment and solutions focus on the construction of educational information in the long-term, and devoted a great deal of energy. Under the


High-speed gigabit electrical ports network solutions(350 units or less)

ic, rapid, efficient, stable and can be expanded, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, campus network, Internet cafes and metropolitan area network edge use.

Economic third-layer backbone fiber network solutions(500-800 units)

The characteristic of this solutions: Economic, rapid, efficient, stable and can be expanded.

10Gb fiber network solutions( 800nodes or less)

Rapid, efficient, stable and can be expanded. Uses the advanced network architecture design: through 10Gb connection between the core switch and servers; through Gigabit aggregation between the core switch and the access layer switch. Advanced, simplified network structure, eliminate interconnection

Full 10Gb backbone fiber aggregation network solutions( 300 nodes or less)

Full 10Gb fiber backbone switch in network core equipment UK6600-44HC with excellent backplane technology, high-effective data packet processing technology. In the past, it need 4-6units small capacity switch cluster in order to achieve the capacity , now with a large capacity full 10Gb fiber backbo
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