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     ShenZhen Speed Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the manufacture of professional and reliable network equipment, undergoing its own research,development,manufacturing and selling & after sales services.
     At present, Speed Technology products are widely used in telecommunication, broadcasting, community access, monitor and other industries, recognized by many customer in a variety of LAN constructions such as enterprises, hospitals, schools, internet cafes and so on.
     In 2005, firstly introduced the full Gigabit switches with 24 eletricity ports and 2 optical ports, laid a good foundation of development of "fiber backbone".
     In 2008, firstly manufactured the second layer gigabit switches with optical ports, became the pioneer of promoting gigabit fiber network, and successfully introduced the fiber backbone solutions of LAN with higher cost-effective and stable performance, for the coming of gigabit fiber era wrote a great deal!
     In 2012, firstly introduced full 10GE fiber backbone switch, leading the era of the local "full 10Gb fiber backbone" ! And laid a good foundation of development of "10G fiber" times.

Management Gigabit Fiber Switch S3500-24GC-SI

Gigabit Fiber Switch S3500-24GC-SI is a L2/L4 Gigabit managed switch; provides 8 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports and 16 1000M SFP ports. The hardware supports wire-speed switching of the second layer. Users can set the various functions of switches through the Ethernet port by WEB and telnet. Built-in ARP and DOS defense system can effectively defense the ARP, DOS, and a variety of virus attack.

    Management Gigabit Fiber Switch  S3500-24GC-SI is a L2/L4 Gigabit managed switch with 8 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports and 16 1000M SFP ports. The hardware supports wire-speed switching of the second layer. Users can set the various functions of switches through the Ethernet port by WEB and telnet. Built-in ARP and DOS defense system can effectively defense the ARP, DOS, and a variety of virus attack. It is also equipped with many powerful features: overall ACL, spanning tree, a storm suppression, Bandwidth Control, IGMP Snooping, Port security etc, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, campus network, hotel and MAN tandem application.
    Support four-elements binding IP+MAC+RORT+VLAN, having the higher security;
    Its unique in the industry with self-defense AUTO-DOS function in the kernel of BCM chip;
    RJ45 ports of 6000V lightning-enhanced design can effectively extend the life of the product;
    MSTP:support IEEE 802.1s standard, effectively prevent network loop storm, and downward compatibility to STP, RSTP;
    Storm suppression:set broadcast, multicast and DLF flow rate;6. IGMP Snooping: IGMP version 2 (RFC 2236): IGMP of Snooping is used establishing multicast group to forward the multicast packet when the multicast packet overflow network, avoid wasting bandwidth;
    Powerful ACL access control list, support ACL based on the port, MAC, achieving network monitoring, flow regulation, priority weight markers as well as data forwarding control easily;
    Seasoned security function: AAA certification, 802.1x certification, and defense ARP and DOS attack;
    Line speed filtration-store-forward mode, providing the true non-blocking switching structure;
    Support port mirroring, port aggregation, port speed limit function.

Hardware specifications

Product model
Supported protocols
IEEE802.3、IEEE 802.3u、IEEE 802.3ad、IEEE 801.3x、IEEE802.1q、IEEE802.1p、IEEE802.1z、IEEE802.1w、IEEE 802.3ab、IEEE 802.3x、IEEE 802.3az
Maximum frame length 
MAC address 
The backplane bandwidth 
Port number 
 8 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports and 16 1000M SFP ports
Network medium 
1000Base-LX: using long-wavelength laser (1310nm) crossed the Multimode and single mode fiber, multimode fiber 550m is the maximum distance, single mode is 10-24km.
1000Base-SX:62.5 μ m multimode fiber maximum transmission distance is 275m, use 50 μ m multimode fiber maximum transmission distance of up to 550 meters
10Base-T: cate-3 or more UTP; (support maximum transmission distance of 200m)
100Base-TX: cate-5 UTP; (support maximum transmission distance of 100m)
1000Base-T: Cate-5 UTP or 6 UTP; (support maximum transmission distance of 100m)
Filtering and forwarding rate
440x280x44mm (1U19 inch standard chassis)
Use of environment
Storage temperature:-20℃~70℃;Storage humidity5%~90%Non-condensing
Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃;Operating humidity10%~90%Non-condensing
Input: 90-264VAC,50-60HZOutput: 5V/6A
Power consumption 
Maximum 30W

Software specification

Safety characteristics
IP+MAC+PORT +VLAN binding (red marked is the new function)
ARP protection
DOS protection
Port protection
802.1X certification
Port based VLAN
802.1Q VLAN
ACL access control 
standard IP
Extended IP ACL
Address table 
MAC binding
MAC filter
Storm control 
Broadcast suppression
Multicast suppression
The inhibition of DLF
Inhibition rate
Flow control 
Half duplex control based on back-pressure 
Duplex frame based on PAUSE
Port mirroring 
Support flow mirroring of port 
Port Management 
Port Statistics
Port speed
Study limitations
Port aggregation
Spanning tree
MSTP (802.1s)
Multicast management 
IGMP Snooping multicast packet detection
System maintenance
configuration file download
File upload
System reset
Log management
System management 
SNMP v1/v2
WEB interface

ROHS Certification
European Community (CE) Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive:This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the protection requirements of European Emission Standard EN55022/EN60555-2 and the Generic European Immunity Standard EN50082-1.
EN55022(1988)/CISPR-22(1985),class A EN60555-2(1995),class A
IEC1000-4-2(1995),4K V CD, 8KV, AD
IEC1000-4-4(1995),1KV – (power line), 0.5KV – (signal line)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) statement:This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class A computing device pursuant to Subpart J of part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a commercial environment.

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