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     ShenZhen Speed Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the manufacture of professional and reliable network equipment, undergoing its own research,development,manufacturing and selling & after sales services.
     At present, Speed Technology products are widely used in telecommunication, broadcasting, community access, monitor and other industries, recognized by many customer in a variety of LAN constructions such as enterprises, hospitals, schools, internet cafes and so on.
     In 2005, firstly introduced the full Gigabit switches with 24 eletricity ports and 2 optical ports, laid a good foundation of development of "fiber backbone".
     In 2008, firstly manufactured the second layer gigabit switches with optical ports, became the pioneer of promoting gigabit fiber network, and successfully introduced the fiber backbone solutions of LAN with higher cost-effective and stable performance, for the coming of gigabit fiber era wrote a great deal!
     In 2012, firstly introduced full 10GE fiber backbone switch, leading the era of the local "full 10Gb fiber backbone" ! And laid a good foundation of development of "10G fiber" times.

10Gigabit Fiber NIC UK-A2XGS

10Gigabit Fiber NIC UK-A2XGS is a 10Gigabit Ethernet dual port server adapter card with 2 10G LC optical fiber interface which could support 20Gbps transmission bandwidth and PCI-E X8 standard slots, ensuring the efficient and stable working of NIC.

★  ★ UK-A2XGS is a 10Gigabit Ethernet dual port server adapter card with 2 10G LC fiber interface which could support 10Gbps transmission bandwidth and PCI-E X8 standard slots, ensuring the efficient and stable work of NIC. In addition, UK-A2XGS also supports VLAN, QOS strategy, flow control and other functions, ideal for the application of medium and large-scale LAN.
★  ★ Support 10Gbps fiber optic channel;
★  ★ Interface standard support PCI Express 2.0;
★  ★ Support for MSI, MSI-X, as well as VMD queue;
★  ★ Support ISCSI acceleration;5. Support QOS strategy;
★  ★ Support FCOE unloading;7. Support RSS/TX queue;
★  ★ Support 802.3x flow control;
★  ★ Support almost network operating system, can be widely deployed.

Product name
10Gigabit Ethernet dual port server adapter card 
Product code 
Product type
Connection with Intel Xeon 5500 series processor-based server internal 
The control processor 
 INTEL82599es * 1
Bus type 
PCI Express 2 (5GT/s)
Bus width 
X8 channel PCI Express, operable to X8 and x16 slot
Bus speed (x8, coding rate)
One-way 20 Gbps; Bidirectional 40 Gbps 
Network interface type
2 SFP+ slots, 2 LC fiber optic connector   
Cable directly connected
Data rate support 
Fiber: 1 GbE/10 GbE
Direct-attached: 10 GbE/ per port
Web standards 
The physical layer interface
IEEE network standard
IEEE 802.3
Hardware certification 
LED lamp
2 (1/ port,) link (consistent) and activity (flash)
Link speed (green :10G/ yellow: 1G)
2 stents
A lower bracket, a high bracket
Minimum required 100LFM
Standard electric consumption 
The maximum 10.7 W;  Standard 10.0 W
Environmental standard 
Working temperature 
0 ℃ ~55 ℃
14.8cm (5.83 in)
Working humidity
6.8cm (2.68 in)
Storage temperature 
 -40 ℃ ~70 ℃
The height of the bracket 
12.0cm/8cm (4.72 in/3.15in)
Storage humidity
Packaging standard size (unit)

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