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LC interface of general fiber-optic patchcord

LC interface quartz fiber-optic patchcord(generally), 3 meters long, the length can be customized.

★  LC interface quartz fiber-optic patchcord(generally), 3 meters long, the length can be customized.
★  Detailed introduction:
Fiber optic patch cord is used to make the termination jumper from the device to the optical fiber cabling link. As a thick protective layer, the fiber optic patch cord is generally used in the connection between optical transceiver and the terminal box.
★  Fiber optic patch cord is mainly divided into two categories:
(1) Single-mode Fiber: Generally, fiber-optic patch cord is presented in yellow, interface and protective sleeve is in blue; transmission distance is longer.
(2) Multi-mode Fiber: Generally, fiber-optic patch cord is presented in orange as well as gray, interface and protective sleeve is in beige or black; transmission distance is short.
★  Main specification parameters :
1. Grinding end surface: PC, UPC, APC
2. Common connector: LC (capitulum), SC (big head), FC (spiral), ST (cassette)
3. Configuration: LC-LC, SC-SC, FC-FC, ST-ST
4. Mixed configuration: LC-SC、ST-FC、SC-ST、FC-SC、LC-FC、ST-LC and so on.
★  Warning :
★  The patchcord wavelengths of the ends of the optical module in fiber-optic patch cord must be consistent, thats to say, the ends of fiber must be identical to the wavelength of the optical module, and the simple method of distinguishing is the color of optical module must be conformed. In normal circumstances, the fiber-optic module with the short wave is using multimode optical fiber (orange optical fiber), the fiber-optic module with long wave is using single-mode optical fiber (yellow optical fiber), thereby ensuring the accuracy of data transmission.
★  Over-bending or winding in using could lead to an decay-increasing in the process of light transmission.
★  Using protective sleeve to prevent the fiber optic connectors from dust and oils damage to coupling.
The characteristic of fiber-optic patch cord:
1. Lower insertion loss
2. Good repeatability
3. Higher echo loss
5. Good temperature stability
The application of fiber-optic patch cord:
1. Fiber-optic communication system
2. Fiber-optic access network
3. Fiber-optic data transmission
4. Fiber-optic CATU
5. LAN(Local area network)
6. Test equipment
★  The characteristic of fiber-optic patch cord:
1. Processing of various standard optical fiber connectors: FC fiber-optic head, SC fiber-optic head, ST fiber-optic head,  LC fiber-optic head, MU fiber-optic head, MTRJ fiber-optic head, E200 fiber-optic head, SMA fiber-optic head, DIN fiber-optic head, MPO fiber-optic head, FDDI fiber-optic head, MTP fiber-optic head etc.
2. Grinding speed digital indicates control, and it can be adjusted at any time (15 to 200 rpm).
3.High-precision machinery with independent rotation and revolution of the motor complex to ensure that the grinding.
4. The uniformity and consistency of quality.
5. Enhanced waterproof performance and professional structure design of product ensure the equipment is safe and reliable.
6. Automatically records the number of grinding and grinding time setting.
7. With water as grinding, humanized small bridges set provides a good premise.
8. Compression, uninstalling and replacement of fixtures, grinding sheets quickly and easily.
9. Stable processing quality, lower rate of maintenance.
10. High-effective production(number of units can be composed of production lines).
11. Material saving, lower grinding costs.

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