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Protection of personal information
Speed Technology fully respects your privacy, and spares no effort to protect your personal information. Generally, you do not need to provide any personal information for browsing Speed Technology website. For special purposes, if you shall in the method of voluntarily filled provide registration or subscribe to electronic information demand in the name, gender, identification type and number, date of birth, country, E-mail box, Tel, contact address and postal code, wanted services or preference information, customer code and other similar personal information, that means you have to understand and accept the use of your personal information, and agreed that Speed Technology to achieve the specific purpose uses your personal information.


Applicative law and jurisdiction
By visiting this website and using facilities or services provided by this website, that means you are agreeing the provision of this visit and facilities and services should be subject to the constraints of the laws of the People's Republic of China, and you agree to be bound by the jurisdiction of the courts of the People's Republic of China.

Speed Technology promised that at any time, under any circumstances would not sell your personal information, Speed Technology only uses the information obtained in accordance with the terms and conditions under the extent permitted by law. However, Speed Technology maybe provide some of your personal information to these department according to requirements of laws and government departments, or when Speed Technology has enough reason to believe it's necessary to do that, so as to protect Speed Technology, customer or public, maybe will discloses some of personal information within the scope as small as possible, when you provide your personal information should have been foreseen and agreed this from happening.

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