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About us


     Shenzhen Speed Technology Co.Ltd, founded in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the manufacture of professional and reliable network equipment, undergoing its own research,development,manufacturing and selling & after sales services.
     Speed Technology adhere to independent research and development, innovation,  manufacturing and marketing management system, bring together an advanced technology, concepts, excellent, solidarity and cooperative R & D teams, over the years, has already obtained  nearly 100 patents.To the future needs of users for research and development objectives, providing our clients with latest network equipment and satisfactory service. Integrates high quality resources and establishes strategic partners with world$s leading chip dealers so as to keep our own products maintain the leading position in industry.
     Speed Technology has been serving a variety of brands with OEM services over the years, our products covered all over the world. At present, our products are widely applied in telecommunications, broadcasting, community access, monitoring and other industries,and has received many customer's approval in enterprise, hospital, school, internet cafe and all kinds of construction of LAN.

Industry news

   Youcan Gigabit series electricity-port switch perfect upgrade! Perfect? Actually not, relative to the industry solution of design standard, raw material application used to do some adjustment of high parameters. What kind of high parameters? Learn from Huawei, the industry leader !

   Youcan Gigabit electricity-port upgrade switches compared with equivalent products strengths lie? Please look at the following explanation:
    1. Application of no water system capacitance: The scalable switch of capacitor all use "No water system capacitance"! Currently the great majority of data communication products use an aqueous electrolytic capacitor, which can continuous work for 2000 hours under 105 degrees high temperatures, equivalent to the actual life of 2 or 3 years, nowadays Youcan scalable switch use no water system capacitance which support 5000 hours of continuous work in the 105 degree heat, thats to say its actual life is 5 years, double life ! Far higher than the 3 years of warranty standard in industry products.
   2. Filter: In switch repairing, 70% repair reflected in filter failure leading to port does not work. In light of this problems, the Youcan scalable products made the revolutionary adjustment(whole circuit board from the new design), which replace the previous 4 ports filter(handmade) by 2 ports filter( machine production), greatly improving the reliability of filter and greatly reducing the probability of port barrier.
   3. Switching power supply: The original Youcan series switch use STAR switching power supply with the same level of H3C, now all Youcan-upgraded version use the power supply of Huawei-certified, with the application and specification over the same period.
   4. Crystal oscillator, Clock: the clock used by Huawei, ZTE at same period.
   5. RJ45 signal port enhanced-lightning protection design. The scalable switch of RJ45 signal port surge common-mode protection against 6KV, the general switches common-mode protection 2kV (surge protection for Lightning). The scalable Youcan switch of its lightning function is three times higher than normal switch.

   Integrated multiple advantages, the perfect upgrade of Youcan series switch as always carry on "Industry quality benchmark", a long time in the future will satisfy your LAN requirement! Youcan switch , let friends buy it in the rest assured, with peace of mind, thinking comfortable! 

   YoucanTowards a new era of quality! Learn from the industry leader Huawei! Tribute to Huawei!

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