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     Shenzhen Speed Technology Co.Ltd, founded in 1997, is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the manufacture of professional and reliable network equipment, undergoing its own research,development,manufacturing and selling & after sales services.
     Speed Technology adhere to independent research and development, innovation,  manufacturing and marketing management system, bring together an advanced technology, concepts, excellent, solidarity and cooperative R & D teams, over the years, has already obtained  nearly 100 patents.To the future needs of users for research and development objectives, providing our clients with latest network equipment and satisfactory service. Integrates high quality resources and establishes strategic partners with world$s leading chip dealers so as to keep our own products maintain the leading position in industry.
     Speed Technology has been serving a variety of brands with OEM services over the years, our products covered all over the world. At present, our products are widely applied in telecommunications, broadcasting, community access, monitoring and other industries,and has received many customer's approval in enterprise, hospital, school, internet cafe and all kinds of construction of LAN.

Speed news

   There experienced more than 10 years since the HUB times to 100MB networks popularity application. However, with the decrease of the Gigabit equipment cost, only three years Gigabit to Desktop has became the basic configuration of enterprise, school, intelligent community, internet cafe and many other industries. As the increasing requirements of internet cafe, the demand for services also become more and more, the people are no longer limited to just chat on-line, browse the web and so on, some high-flow, high-quality requirements appear, such as on-line video, games and more. Especially after win7 gradually replaced the traditional XP only 10Gb can adapt to a variety of large flow applications appear under the future WIN7.

    Internet speed, cafes environment, cafes atmosphere, machine configuration, these four are  the main factor to consider when netizens select the internet cafe. The speed of network is still the most important factor to determine whether the internet cafe can be in a invincible position, only the fast,stable and security network of internet cafe can appeal to more netizens. Many internet cafe owner are aware of the importance of network speed, and also tried every means to improve network speed, nowadays many cafes use diskless system structure, intranet read and write data is doubling increasing, therefore, for many diskless internet cafe, influencing the network speed not just only broadband access speed, but also including the speed of the internal network. Because of this, the optimization of the internal network of Internet cafes has become a top priority.

    In 2012, in light of the requirement of current internet cafe industry, Speed Technology firstly introduced full 10Gb fiber backbone switches, as the core equipment of network, full 10Gb fiber backbone switch UK6600-48HC is one of the highest performance cassette switch in industry, with excellent backplane technology(980G backplane bandwidth), efficient data packet processing technology. This product, based on high performance ASIC chip technology, uses modular structure design and provides 48 10G optical ports, 1 1G electricity port, 1 Console port, having the capability of multilayer switching and wire-speed routing forwarding. It provides complete IPv4/IPv6, including tunnels and IP multicast. Users can set a variety of function of switch through Console port, Web, SNMP and other methods. At the same time, it supports rich business features, comprehensive security control strategy, rich QOS and other features to meet the many challenges of the data center scalability, reliability, manageability, security etc, which is very suitable for the aggregation application of large-scale network and the core application of medium and smalled-sized network.

    Speed Technology adheres to independent research R&D, innovation, manufacturing and marketing management system, to design the best cost-effective products and provide more excellence industry solution for our mission. After years of development, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in technology, and we are always in the forefront of the industry application, leading the popularity of new technology. And now we provide the industrys leading full 10Gb fiber backbone dual-fiber aggregation network solutions to customer.

    Using full 10Gb fiber backbone dual-fiber aggregation network solutions, experience the high cost-effective performance. The cost of fiber is basically equal to the current price of Cab.6, and the using life is generally more than 10 years. Take the example of internet cafe with 200 PC, each nodes investment only need about 1000RMB, 100RMB/year, 10RMB/month. At the same time, we all know the large power consumption of cable transmission, serious packet-loss, the stand-alone electrical losses relative to the fiber in terms of much larger. Compared with cable, the advantages of fiber includes: Transmission distance, zero signal attenuation, electromagnetic interference, data transmission is almost zero packet loss, ensuring that the network is operating on a relatively stable bandwidth and fluctuated phenomenon does not occur. 

    Full 10Gb fiber backbone dual-fiber aggregation network solutions use advanced network structure design: Between the core switch and servers achieve connection through the 10Gb, The core switch and the access layer switch achieve aggregation via dual-fiber 10Gb , while the access layer switch use the latest client fiber NIC to achieve fiber to desktop. Advanced, simplified network structure, eliminate the bottleneck of interconnection links, reducing maintenance costs, the dual-fiber aggregation exponentially improve network speed to maximize guarantee of normal operation of the internet cafe. Dual-line is equivalent of an insurance, there is another line can work properly when the one doesnt work. This big effect enhance the output rate of the server (also improved with a machine capacity of the server), and get rid of the bottlenecks which troubled Internet cafes network performance, then help to improve the speed fastly of cafes network speed, building a truly efficient, fast, and stable network environment for internet cafe.

    Selecting this solution, can make you stand out in a number of internet cafes, and ensure your network efficient, fast, stable and affordable. The pinnacle of Internet cafe networking, Ethernet Everest, lets experience together! 

    Speed Technology, in order to let more and more users experience the good quality of YOUCAN products and thanks for your long-term trust and support, on the occasion of full 10Gb fiber backbone switch grand listed, holds the activity " Full 10Gb backbone solutions, client fiber NIC, buy one get one free" to repay the majority of partners and owners of Internet cafes, bringing together with the excellent solutions and price surprise to the users of internet cafes industry.

The activities are as follows:
Time: 16th, Aug.15th , Sept.
Main content: The user who adopts YOUCAN full 10Gbfiber backbone dual-fiber aggregation solutions in the period of activity, the client fiber NIC, you can buy one and get one free, a limited number (first come first served). Welcome to buy.

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