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About us


     Shenzhen Speed Technology Co.Ltd, founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the manufacture of professional and reliable network equipment, undergoing its own research,development,manufacturing and selling & after sales services.
     Speed Technology adhere to independent research and development, innovation,  manufacturing and marketing management system, bring together an advanced technology, concepts, excellent, solidarity and cooperative R & D teams, over the years, has already obtained  nearly 100 patents.To the future needs of users for research and development objectives, providing our clients with latest network equipment and satisfactory service. Integrates high quality resources and establishes strategic partners with world$s leading chip dealers so as to keep our own products maintain the leading position in industry.
     Speed Technology has been serving a variety of brands with OEM services over the years, our products covered all over the world. At present, our products are widely applied in telecommunications, broadcasting, community access, monitoring and other industries,and has received many customer's approval in enterprise, hospital, school, internet cafe and all kinds of construction of LAN.

Our staff

Staff cultural training
   Motivate employees to grow and develop with the company together through systematic training to ensure that the human capital appreciation.
   Publicize the company 's culture values idea to guide the basic common sense of the work and occupational basic skills.
   During the trial period of new employees, the company will specify each new staff an ideological mentor. Ideological mentor is a good teacher or friends for the new staff, except for the responsibility to guidance of new staff's work ,but also in terms of ideology, life concerned about the growth of the new employees, and helps new employees integrate into the team a.s.a.p. Induction training by the business sector according to the characteristics of their own business and job requirements, targeted to develop training programs. The object of induction training include the new employee about to enter the department and cross-sector to mobilize reorientation staff.
  Speed Technology is committed to establish a learning organization, encourages employees to keep on learning on the job, to improve their skills. Closely connected with qualification professional and technical training system, online teaching and other diverse training methods, according to employee's professional and technical channels and occupation development plan to provide classified occupation training To promote business ability, and the personal qualities continue to comprehensively improve.

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