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"Fast & efficient, innovative & practical, green & environmental protection, win-win cooperation" is the enterprise cultural core of Speed Technology. To"Manufacturing the most reliable network equipment" for our own mission, to " 1+1 is greater than 3" of our win-win mode, providing the customers with more valuable ways of cooperation.To the future needs of users for research and development objectives, providing our clients with latest network equipment and satisfactory service.

Authentication system

Authentication system

Channel certification system
Municipal exclusive agent application instructions:
Applicants must have an independent legal qualification, when signing, legal representative ID card, the business license which passed the annual examination, tax registration certificate copy, or scanning copy shall be submitted to our company.
Applicants must have the relative business experience of more than 2 years in specific industry, and have the resources and influence in the industry.
Applicants must have capabilities of network project implementation and technical support.

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